Local nonprofits better the place we live, so we give.

The causes we love to serve.

Givable members help local nonprofits in their community receive the resources and awareness they need to continue doing important work in the community. This is work that our members are able to witness all around them and seek other ways to get involved. It is our hope that the way we’re able to assist local nonprofits in benefitting our neighborhood, parks and city blocks reverberates and expands into making change around the world.

Givable’s vetted nonprofits fall within categories that our members are most passionate about.

Disaster Relief

Community Improvement

Education & Research

Environment & Animals


Human Services

Arts, Culture & Humanities

See our vetting guidelines.

View some of our featured nonprofits to get a better idea of how Givable members are successfully making a positive impact for good.

We’d like to meet your nonprofit.

We feature local nonprofits within the wider region of the city, as well as some national and international organizations. If you know of a nonprofit or have one yourself that is interested in being featured on Givable, please let us know. We’d like to introduce a whole new generation of givers to you so that your nonprofit can receive the support it needs to grow and thrive.

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