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Why Give with Givable?

Giving made Easy

Commit to giving as little as $8 a month, and with an email delivered to your inbox, you'll start out every week-day morning by giving 25¢. Simply learn about an important cause, read about two Givable charities, and direct your donation to the charity of your choice.

Tailored Engagement

Cause of the day not your thing? Skip and save your daily donation for the next time you click to give. Excited about a certain charity? Give even more to organizations you like. We'll keep track of where your donations are going, and send you opportunities to volunteer and engage with important causes you care about.

The Power of Numbers

Imagine what we can do as a community when we all pledge just a bit of time and treasure to making our city and the world a better place. With enough Givers, we can make some serious impact.


Givable vets our charities thoroughly. We utilize sites like Charity Navigator and Guidestar to check out our charities and make sure your money is going to great organizations doing great work!


Givable is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and we make sure your support will go directly to the cause of your choice. Rest assured we won't share your information or your email with anyone unless we have your express permission.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose your charities?
Givable addresses a variety of causes in the St. Louis region and around the world. We find charities that support important issues in our society. We predominantly feature local charities in St. Louis, along with a few national & international organizations. We vet our charities thoroughly by verifying that they are registered 501(c)3 organizations, checking their financial information, reviewing their current social impact, and more. Rest assured that your money is going to great organizations that do great work!
Will I be billed every day?
No, we make it easy! You will be billed monthly based on your giving plan, recurring immediately, starting the day you sign up.
How much of my monthly gift goes to charity?
Your entire daily donation will be directed toward the charity of your choosing each day (i.e. if you choose a 25¢ a day plan, 25¢ will be donated to charity). The extra monthly fee of approximately $2.50, (which may vary slightly depending on the number of weekdays that month and your giving plan), helps us cover credit card expenses and the rest of our overhead so we can keep delivering nonprofits into your inbox every day!
What if I forget to open my email?
If you chose the Auto-Donate option during sign up, your daily donation will be split equally between the two charities. If you didn't select the Auto-Donate option, then your daily donation will rollover to the next day.
How Does Auto-Donate work?
If the Auto-Donate button is activated, your daily donation will be split between the two charities. If Auto-Donate button is not activated, your daily donation will automatically skip until you select a charity. Note that if you're inactive for over 14 days, you will automatically be switched to auto-donate.
How does the "Skip" Button work?
If you choose the skip button, your daily donation will skip that day's charity and be pooled until the next time you give.
What if I want to Give More than my original donation plan?
Like the nonprofit you donated to that day? After you click to give, you can click and donate more in the amount of your choosing! We'll include the charge on your monthly recurring bill.

To make sure your entire Give More donation goes to charity, note that we'll add fee of 2.5% + 30¢ of your "Give More" donation for credit card expenses and overhead. (e.g., a donation of $10 will cost you $10.55)
How do I get more involved in the charities I'm passionate about?
Feel free to click on the charity to visit the website and get more involved. We'll also send you opportunities to get involved with charities and volunteer in your local community in our monthly impact report.
Is my donation tax-deductable?
Yes! We'll send you a monthly receipt that serves as your tax-deductible receipt. We'll also send you a summary at the end of the year with a full record of your yearly donation that you can use for tax purposes.
How do I change my email, password and giving preferences?
Log In to Givable and click on “My Profile” in the upper right hand of the screen. You can change your giving preferences and manage your profile.

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