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Givable's mission is to create an engaged and informed community of lifelong givers. We empower individuals, families, and businesses to weave a giving rhythm into their lifestyle that positively impacts local nonprofits.
J-Givable's mission is to empower people to give Jewishly, give collectively, and to learn about projects in the greater Jewish community.
People in the community who want to participate in J-Givable will sign on to a monthly subscription of $11.00. Then, twice a week those individuals will get an email that highlights a cause in the Jewish community as well as two different local projects that work to address this cause. The subscribers choose how they want to direct their donation and simply click on the email to direct $1.00 donation to the project of their choice. $1.00 each time you click. At the end of the month, the remaining money will be used to keep the project going. Some months there are four weeks in the month, some five, so that administrative fee varies slightly. Included in that administration fee are the credit card fees and any and all fees associated with the platform (development, upkeep, licensing, and the manpower to bring the emails to you each week).
Yes! Once you click to give your initial donation, you be asked if you want to give more, and you can click on the amount of your choice. If you choose to add money, there is no additional administration fee. You can add $100.00 to your daily donation, and the credit card fee and all other fees will not change from your monthly $11.00 subscription.
Not on the platform, but J-Givable will provide a link to the website so both agencies and can give directly to them.
If a donor doesn't select for the entire month, their money will roll over, and they will have that to give to whatever they choose. The administration cost will still be deducted from their monthly giving.
Credit cards are the only way to join and donate to J-Givable.
When donors sign up for the monthly subscription they can opt to have their information shared with the organizations they give to or they can choose not to have their information shared. If they do not share, only Givable will have that information.
J-Givable will not have its own 501(c)3 status, but Givable is a 501(c)3 and all funds will be funneled and dispersed through Givable. Those who donate via J-Givable will receive an end-of-year tax letter.
The money will go through Givable.

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