About Us

Fueling philanthropy, starting locally.

We work to ignite the spirit of giving in everyone.

It is our mission to create an engaged and informed community of lifelong givers. We empower individuals, families and businesses to weave a giving rhythm into their lifestyle that positively impacts local nonprofits.

Engaged Communities

Givable believes that when communities are united they are stronger, happier and healthier. Givable bridges gaps by bringing nonprofits to light and connecting them with people that want to give, make change and improve their community.

Informed Giving

Givable understands the importance of being informed and aware of opportunities to make change, especially in the place we call home. Givable makes local nonprofit information readily available to givers so they can be confident in their giving choices.

Lifelong Philanthropy

Givable aims to help all members become lifelong philanthropists by enabling each person to establish their own giving rhythm. Giving can more easily become part of one’s identity once it’s integrated into their daily lives and becomes routine.

A transparent team you can trust.

Givable vets its nonprofits thoroughly. We utilize sites like Charity Navigator and Guidestar to check out our nonprofits and make sure your money is going to great organizations doing great meaningful work!

Givable is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and we make sure your support will go directly to the cause of your choice. Rest assured, we won’t share your information with anyone unless we have your express permission.

Jared Opsal

Executive Director

Founding Partners